Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you are suffering from severe dental problems that means that most of your teeth or your oral cavity are affected, you may be referred for a treatment plan called a full mouth reconstruction.

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What is a full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is a term used to describe a combination of dental treatments that are built into a specific plan with the goal of restoring your full mouth. This may mean all of the teeth in your upper jaw, all of the teeth in your lower jaw, or both. By the time the treatment plan is complete, the full function of your teeth will be restored. You will also be able to enjoy a healthy and attractive smile.

Most full mouth reconstruction treatment plans take place over a number of months to enable all procedures to be carried out and your mouth to heal between them. Exactly what will happen in your full mouth reconstruction plan will depend on your individual circumstances. Your treatments will be carefully planned using information obtained at your consultation and the results of imaging tests such as x-rays and CT scans. However, it is important to be aware that this treatment plan is only a guideline and may be subject to change depending on how well your teeth respond to each stage in your journey to a newly restored smile.

Full mouth reconstruction treatment plans often involve multiple different dental professionals depending on the procedures needed. These professionals could include maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, hygienists, orthodontists and more.

Dental problems that can be rectified using a full mouth reconstruction

No two patients are the same, but a full mouth reconstruction can address virtually any sort of functional or cosmetic dental issue. People who make good candidates for a full mouth reconstruction tend to be those who:

- Have extensive decay

- Have moderate to severe periodontal disease

- Have suffered extensive damage to their teeth, mouth or jaw following an accident, injury or illness

- Have teeth that are badly eroded

- Are experiencing problems with their temporomandibular joint (the joint on either side of the face that connects the lower jaw to the skull

If you are experiencing a combination of the above problems and a substantial number of your teeth are affected, you may be considered a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction.

Types of dental procedure that may be included in a full mouth reconstruction

Your full mouth reconstruction treatment plan will be tailored specifically to your individual needs. This may include some or all of the following dental procedures:

- Bone or soft tissue grafting (for dental implants or to treat gum disease)

- Dental implants

- Periodontal evaluation to check the health of your gums, and subsequent periodontal treatments including scaling and root planing and crown lengthening

- Teeth whitening

- Cavity fillings

- Inlays or Onlays

- Dental crowns

- Dental bridges

- Dentures

- Dental bonding

- Orthodontic treatments such as braces or Invisalign

- Professional cleaning

- Preparatory treatments including root canal treatment, filing down of natural tooth enamel or cleaning periodontal pockets

If you would like more information about full mouth reconstructions, or if you would like to discuss your individual case with our expert team, please get in touch with our New York dental office today to schedule an appointment.